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Vision CE4 V3 CE4V3 Clearomizer


Vision CE4 V3 Clearomizer Long Wick Version.  The newest clearomizer line up to the very popular CE4 V2 clearomizer.  Improved and with changeable atomizer coil heads.  Easy to replace by simply unscrewing the base and then unscrewing the coil head with a new one and it is good as new.  Get the latest e cigarette clearomizer and will save money in the long run.

The entire unit is can be taken apart.  The tube and atomizer coil head are replaceable.  No need to change the entire unit when only the coil heads need to be replaced.

Works the same as the CE4 V2 - easy to refill with any e liquid or e juice, simple to use, doesn't leak so easy and convenient to carry, comes in a variety of colors (currently clear only - more colors coming soon) and best of all - low  cost.

The Vision CE4+ V3 works better, doesn't leak and has a huge capacity tank to hold you favorite e juice.  Delivers thick, milky esmoke with excellent throat-hit.  Works superbly with variable volt batteries.

1.  New. Latest upgraded Vision CE4 V3 Clearomizer.
2.  Easy to fill, no special tools required.
2.  Holds up to 1.6ml of your favorite smoke juice.
3.  Does not Leak!
4.  Clean, smooth taste and thick vapor.
5.  Inhales per fill-up, approximately 700 to 800.
6.  Graduated, see-thru tank lets you know exactly how much e juice you have left.
7.  Improved housing material, doesn't crack and leak.
8.  Available in Blue, Red, Smoked, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Clear
9.  Fits most batteries with 510/eGo threading such as Sinner's, Stealth, Sinister, Riva, EGO-C, EGO-T, EGO F1 or EGO-W.

  • Resistance: 2.4 - 2.8 ohms

Filling the CE4 V3
1.  Unscrew the driptip from the CE4 V3 clearomizer
2.  Fill 1.4ml-1.6ml of e juice
3.  Do NOT pour the ejuice into the tube in the middle. The tube is for the airflow.  It will cause the smoke juice to come out at the bottom at the batter connection.
4.  Screw the driptip back in.
5.  Please wait a few minutes for the ejuice to saturate the coil.