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Sinner's EGO E Cigarette Starter Kit with CE4 V2


Super deal on an advanced e cigarette that is easy to use and leak-free.  Simplely twist the mouth piece, drip or inject e-juice, screw the top back on and use.  Low ohms means more esmoke and greater throat-hit.  Comes with a powerful 1100 mAh rechargeable battery and USB charger adapter so you can charge from any USB outlet.  Very low cost option to try an advanced electronic cigarette with the latest cartomizer.

No special tools required.  Holds 1.6 ml of e-juice.  Comes with everything you need to get started using one of the most advanced e cigarette available yet very simple to use.  Comes with one rechargeable 650 mAh capacity lithium-ion battery, an USB charger adapter to attach your battery to charge from any USB outlet such as on your computer or ipod charger or purchase a USB wall charger (sold separately), and the latest, long-wicked CE4 V2/CE4V2 clearomizer that is new for 2012. 

To fill the cartomizer/clearomizer, simply unscrew the drip tip mouth piece and drip your favorite e liquid or smoke juice directly to the tank area.  This order comes with empty, needle-nose bottle to help make it even easier.  Screw the tip back on the clearomizer, screw the cartomizer directly to the battery and you are ready to vape.  That simple yet one of the most advanced e smoke available today.  The key is the new, more durable atomizer unit in the CE4V2 clearomizer.  This newest technology that is available to consumers today.

The clearomizer/cartomizer is the latest upgraded version of CE4 that was marketed last year which many stores still carry.  This an improved version with the longer, multiple wicks to draw more eliquid, quicker to the atomizer.

No leakages with this model and a great price for an advanced eSmoke with plently of battery power to last.  although that really depends on how you use your e-cigarette.

*Comes with CLEAR clearomizer/cartomizer, not green as depicted in the image.  Everything else depicted will be similar.  The packaging background may vary. May include long or short cord, you may specifiy in order comments.