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Mini Vivi Nova Dual-Coil 2 ml Kit


Mini Vivi Nova Dual-Coil Cartomizer/Clearomizer delivers one of the thickest esmoke for any cartomizer this size.  New in 2012, the vivi nova offers the newest technology with ease and simplicity of use, the advanced e smoke cartomizer will soon be your favorite.  The replaceable dual-coil atomizer saves you money in the long run and the kit comes with a grand total of three dual-coil atomizers in each kit order.  The dual-coil Vivi Nova atomizers are offered in three different resistance settings in each kit - 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8ohms.  Easy to change the dual coil atomizers without any special tools.  The large tank capacity tubing is graduated to 2 ml but can hold a bit more of your favorite e-juice.

The Mini Vivi Nova's dual-coil atomizers are interchangeable with its larger Vivi Nova (3.5 ml) which just has a larger tank capacity keeping the Mini Vivi Nova compact yet delivering the same esmoke as it larger brethren.  Mini Vivi Nova battery connection will fit most eGo/510 treaded batteries.  The ViVi Nova features comes with a sealed connector with the airhole in the connector base just above the threads.  Also comes with a removable plastic drip tip.  The Mini Vivi Nova can be easliy disassembled and reassembled and simple to change the dual-coiled atomizers.

The Mini Vivi Nova kit from Sin City E E Smoke includes the following:

  • 1- 2.0 ml Clear E Juice Tank
  • 1- Mini Vivi Nova Tank Cap
  • 1- Mini Vivi Nova Tank Base
  • 1- Black, Removeable Drip Tip
  • 1- 1.8ohm Dual-Coil Atomizer Long, Multi-Strand Wicks
  • 1- 2.4ohm Dual-Coil Atomizer Long, Multi-Strand Wicks
  • 1- 2.8ohm Dual-Coil Atomizer Long, Multi-Strand Wicks

How To Fill and Use The Mini Vivi Nova:

  • Twist the cap off from the clear tank tube.
  • Can change atomizer coil - unscrew the center cap with the wicks extending from the center.
  • Replace with your choice of coil resistance.
  • Fill the tank with e-juice until just below the atomizer coil heads.
  • Do not drip e liquid into the small hole at the top of the coil - the center tubing assembly is the airflow conduit and should be kept e juice free).
  • Twist the cap back on and install included drip tip.
  • Do not over tighten.
  • Do not over tighten onto the battery.